Chadwick Robertson

Chadwick Robertson

Chadwick Robertson is a veteran real estate investor principally operating in Langley, British Columbia, as well as the surrounding lower coastal mainland.

Chadwick Robertson

About Chadwick Robertson

Upon completing his post-secondary education, Chadwick began his career in real estate as a sales agent, which served to shore up his knowledge of the local and foreign markets. After a few years in sales, Chadwick transitioned to a position in investment, quickly distinguishing himself as a skilled negotiator with a strategic mind. More recently, he has focused his attention on acquiring and redeveloping commercial properties, everything from small retail spaces to large multi-use complexes.

Chadwick Roberstons is also a humanitarian, and in that spirit, he donates much of his time to charitable endeavors. He has spent a great deal of time promoting affordable housing and environmentally sustainable development projects in Langley and beyond, and been involved in numerous charitable organizations. When he finds himself with spare time, Chadwick enjoys hiking, skiing, and all manner of outdoor activities. He also loves to spend time with his friends and family, whether it be a night out at a restaurant or a quiet evening at home watching a movie or playing a board game.

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